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Das Kaltenbach

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Your place of power / 2 day's

from 31.08.2019 to 03.11.2019

Learn more about our small and fairly non-bent mountain village. Situated on a Bergplateu in close proximity to their own young forest and mountain stream and a fantastic spa with Infiniti pool on the roof and a 5,000 m² natural garden in a peaceful location.

from € 249,- p.u.

Golden autumn / 5 day's

from 13.10.2018 to 27.10.2018

The harvest is brought in, each day brings new picturesque scenes, silence is comming. The pastures and farms are in the golden October light. Crystal clear starry vault over us. And you? Refueling strength and energy for the rest of the year. Take a timeout with your family and friends in the...

from € 529,- p.u.

Golf & Pleasure / 5 days

from 01.09.2018 to 29.09.2018

Attention to detail and a thorough crafts are the best way to ensure high quality. Enjoy regional and international delicacies in an entirely new arrangement in the Genusswerkstatt on the golf course Zillertal. A grandiouse mountain scenery of the Zillertal is guranteed at one of the "Leading Golf...

from € 949,- p.u.

Bike and pleasure / 5 day's

from 01.09.2018 to 30.09.2018

Enjoy regional and international delicacies in an entirely new arrangement in the Genusswerkstatt on the golf course Zillertal. The impressive natural scenery and the well-developed routes and road network can all cycling heart beat faster. About 800 km bike and bike routes invite you to...

from € 849,- p.u.

Mountain fire / 7 day's

from 01.09.2018 to 29.09.2018

The mountain fire is kindled 150 years ago - was already spotted the mountaineering the area of the Zillertal main ridge. Pleasant hike in a beautiful hikking area - the high mountain nature park Zillertal Alps stretches with an extension of 379 km² of 1,000 m in the mountain village Ginzling up...

from € 789,- p.u.

Family Autumn / 7 days

from 15.09.2018 to 04.11.2018

Enjoy the spring to the full with the whole family. Long slept, enjoy breakfast, mountain hiking in the autumn of our adjoining jungle and nature garden with over 5,000 m2. The children can be really child at the new playground in the wood and play perfect with the small animals (rabbits, goats...

from € 1399,- p.u.

Heart beat / 4 days

from 23.03.2019 to 13.04.2019

Sweet dreams for lovers of wellness and palpitations in our cosy double rooms adlernest. Fruity cocktails may be enjoyed in the beautiful lobby by the fireplace and the anti-stress massage gurantees a romantic spa vacation in our apartment hotel in the architecture of a pretty unbent mountain...

from € 499,- p.u.

Family Winter / 7 nights

from 16.03.2019 to 23.03.2019

The first swing is guranteed... Discover the perfect sunny skiing in the skiresort Hochzillertal or be pleased of the first turns starting on 7.30 am in our ski resortl! Also a funny toboggan run with the owner Stephan at Hainzenberg (the longest run in the Zillertal) is included with much fun! ...

from € 1599,- p.u.

Winter & friends / 7 day's

from 23.03.2019 to 13.04.2019

Close up on powder snow... Experience perfect sun skiing in the Hochzillertal ski area or look forward to the first turns from 7:30 am. The Zillertaler Superskipass with 6 days for an unlimited skiing pleasure is already prepaired... ...

from € 2599,- p.u.

Family Spring / 7 day's

from 10.05.2019 to 28.06.2019

Enjoy the spring to the full with the whole family. Long slept, enjoy breakfast, mountain hiking and the first green of our adjoining jungle and nature garden with over 5,000 m2. The children can play perfect on the new wood's playground and with the small animals (rabbits, goats and 2 alpaca's)...

from € 1449,- p.u.

Spring fever / 5 day's

from 10.05.2019 to 31.05.2019

Tyrol in spring is a dream! Enjoy the spring sun on the skin at alpine walks or bike rides through the awakening Nature and let yourself be pampered in our small mountain village.

from € 394,- p.u.

Babyboom / 4 Tage

from 01.09.2018 to 04.11.2018

Eine Schwangerschaft ist für werdende Eltern eine spannende Zeit voller Glück und Freude. Um die Zeit alleine noch einmal so richtig zu genießen und für die ersten, anstrengenden Wochen nach der Geburt Energie tanken zu können, ist ein entspannter Urlaub speziell im zweiten Schwangerschaftsdrittel...

from € 449,- p.u.



Das Kaltenbach25.09.2018

Es gibt wenig Orte, wo die Welt noch wie vor 1.000 Jahren aussieht. Das ist so einer, denn ich heute in vollen Zügen genießen konnte. #myfavoriteplace #feelthealps #tirol #goldenautumn #zillertal

Das Kaltenbach23.09.2018

Blind Date im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes am Gipfel des großen Gamsstein, da ist man für jede Markierung und Steinmännchen dankbar und das Schnitzel auf der Loas war der Hammer #blinddate #tirol #zillertal #bergwandern #blindflug

Das Kaltenbach19.09.2018

Wenn man Ruhe sehen könnte, sähe sie so aus Heute im #krimmlerachental inmitten des #hohetauernnationalpark #naturelovers #loverofthealps

Das Kaltenbach10.09.2018

Und plötzlich fühlt man sich klein und groß zugleich #karwendel #achensee #tirol #feelfree #mountainlove #daskaltenbach #gramai

Das Kaltenbach09.09.2018

Heute beim Tiergehege hat mich Rosi schon wieder erwischt #welovegoats #kaninchen #alpaka #mittenindernatur #zillertal #kaltenbach #kraftplatz


Tiroler Bergwinter. Echtes Kopfkino

Das Kaltenbach ApartHotel28.02.2018

Unberührt. Begeistert. Der Bergwinter in den Alpen ist etwas ganz Besonderes. Einzigartige Weitblicke in einer einzigartigen Bergkulisse in den Zillertaler Alpen sind garantiert. Wir nennen Ihn Krafplatz.

Freeride Experience Zillertal

Das Kaltenbach ApartHotel22.12.2017

Berührt mehr als nur den Schnee. Die besten Lines ein einer atemberaubenden hochalpinen Landschaft im Zillertal. Mit Stefan Wierer, Laura & Gabriel aus Spanien und Markus von level26 mit der Cam.

#Zillertal Freeride Experience

Das Kaltenbach ApartHotel21.12.2017

Freeride Experience in the Zillertal. Berührt mehr als nur den Schnee.

Glücksgefühle im Zillertal

Das Kaltenbach ApartHotel19.12.2016

Die Sonnenaufgangswanderung in den Zillertaler Bergen zählt zu den absoluten Höhepunkten im Tiroler Bergsommer. Die Eindrücke sind kaum in Worte zu fassen, das Erlebnis für die ganze Familie einmalig...

Love the alps - sunrise over the zillertal

Das Kaltenbach ApartHotel24.06.2016

Traumhafte Momente und Glücksgefühle pur beim Sonnenaufgang auf dem Gedrechter im Sommer 2016




The Kaltenbach, a hotel in the Ziller Valley, is more than an ordinary hotel. It starts with the owner family that has prescribed hospitality for many decades . They are deeply rooted in the Zillertal and feel connected with the local traditions and the mountains.

Growing up on his parents' farm, they decided some time ago to pass on this feeling to their clients. This idea was the initial spark for their hotel, in a location which is to be a place of power for its guests.


The 4 star hotel in Kaltenbach serves different, high class rooms for every type of holidaymaker. For those who like to have a little more space, are different, luxurious apartments available that will make your holiday in Zillertal really comes to an enjoyment.

Perfectly matching details combined with the finest natural materials form a high-quality whole with a single goal: The clients should learn from the Zillertal lifestyle. By the way, you can enjoy an apartment with all its privacy and also have the infrastructure and amenities of a 4 star hotel in Zillertal. Here you are not only on holiday, with us you are at home.


 You can relax in the spa area "water empire" on the roof, if the magnificent view  of the alpine panorama do not rob your breath. In our room of silence you will come  guaranteed to rest again, once you take place on the cuddly couches and admire the view over the mountains.

If you like to search directly in the nature for recreation, it is fortunate that our hotel is located directly on the young forest. A walk threw the forest is here a must. There are many Hotels in the Zillertal,  but only the Kaltenbach will be long remembered.