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Rooftop Spa - Fine Art of Relaxing

Our wellness hotel in Tyrol offers a unique spa landscape with indoor and outdoor pool, adults spa, family sauna, fitness area and breathtaking panoramic views of the Zillertal. Relax in the Kaltenbach and enjoy your wellness holiday.

Time for me.

In my holiday diary today I write...

The view over the picturesque Zillertal and the majestic mountain backdrop are so beautiful. After a relaxing session in the Sky Sauna, surrounded by the soothing scent of the Swiss pine, I refreshed myself in the heated indoor and outdoor pool, which is located directly on the Jungwald.

Local natural materials and the noble design inspired me from the very beginning and exceeded my expectations. The Rooftop Spa was exactly as I had imagined it - a place of pure relaxation. This break in the Tyrolean mountains, in this popular wellness hotel, is exactly what I needed to get away from everyday life and enjoy precious moments with my loved ones.

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Spa area overview

Our Wald-SPA is located on the roof of the spa hotel, with a fantastic view of the mountains. Flooded with light and over more than 400 m² over two levels and the 5,000 m² natural garden, our guests will find here a refuge of the extra class!

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Quiet area and nature garden

The energy of the natural mountain surroundings ensures the utmost relaxation and is re-energising. This is something you can feel any day and any time of the year – when the sun is shining, when the summits are covered in snow and under the starry skies.

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Sauna and relax

After an action-packed day in the natural surroundings in Tyrol there is nothing better for your well-being than an extended trip to the sauna, or a relaxing bath. Enjoy the harmonious architecture and the stylish facilities made from fragrant wood and stone.

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Fitness area

Sport and exercise are part and parcel of a balanced relaxation programme. In wet weather in particular or in the evening, the fitness area is a perfect alternative to outdoor sport.

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Yoga & Meditation

The more conscious and mindful we become, the more we will find ourselves
and learn to live out of our quiet center. With our unique power place and the experience of the high art of yoga, this is guaranteed in any case!

Switch off at the Kaltenbach - your SPA Hotel in Austria

Relaxation Time at the Spa Hotel Kaltenbach.

What time is it anyway? What day is it? Losing track of time is one of the best feelings ever, and the Spa Hotel Kaltenbach would like to help you achieve exactly this feeling. Treat yourself to a little relaxation, let yourself be pampered and leave everyday life behind you. Tyrol, perhaps the most beautiful region in Austria, will recharge your batteries and bring you back into balance. Through attentive service, a range of amenities and the hotel's dream location, you're certain to feel relaxed here. In both summer and winter, we have prepared the perfect offers for your carefree spa holiday in Austria.

Our Rooftop SPA: The Pinnacle of Relaxation in Austria

One of the real highlights of a stay at The Kaltenbach is the Wald-SPAour rooftop spa. Hotels like ours know a thing or two about helping you live your best life; a first-class landscape awaits you at the spa. Spread across two levels, the spa enjoys breath-taking views out across the sprawling Austrian countryside. Imagine floating almost weightlessly in our Infinity Pool, with nothing but a clear, endless sky above you. There's fresh snow all around, but don't fear - the water's always nice and warm. After a few strokes, you're back in the indoor pool. Dry off in our meditation suite - here you can relax perfectly, sinking into a cuddly lounger or draping yourself on a daybed. This is relaxation like you've never experienced before!

The fire crackles in the fireplace and your eyes wander over the fantastic mountain panorama of Austria's Tyrolean Alps. This is wellness in Austria, Kaltenbach-style. This is the place to properly recharge your batteries.

At one with Nature - our Austrian Forest SPA

In the Hotel Kaltenbach, maximum relaxation is facilitated by a unique closeness to nature. Outside the hotel sauna's landscape, the surrounding forest provides a pleasant microclimate... It's the best air conditioning you could wish for. The 5,000 m² forest is our back yard, and our mountain meadow invites you to relax out in the open air. Did we mention the priceless view of the Austrian Alp panorama? Singularly beautiful, it's just the thing if you want to leave everyday life behind and recharge your batteries. It's just what spa holidays in Austria were made for!

Explore our 4 Saunas

Welcome to one of the most diverse spa hotels in Austria! With different temperatures and unique spaces, there's a sauna to suit everyone. Above all, our herbal sauna offers a special kind of pleasure that's well worth checking out during your stay. Our rain showers will cool you off as you find your way back to the luxury of one of our wellness hotel's cosy rooms.

In need of a rub-down? It's not all just pools & saunas here. A medical masseur is at your disposal at the Hotel Kaltenbach. With his great level of massage experience, he'll help you release tension and will ensure that the energy can flow freely through your body again. You will experience for yourself how time is suddenly only secondary during your holiday in the Spa Hotel & Resort Kaltenbach.


In search of inner equilibrium? Yoga & Meditation can help you to find your way. Our wellness hotel equips you with the very best conditions to find some peace and inner quiet. What better setting could there be than a 5,000 m² natural garden in the middle of Tyrol, the most beautiful region of Austria? Spa hotels like The Kaltenbach have perfected these conditions over years and years.

Situated on an idyllic plateau, surrounded by mountain meadows, you will experience a deep tranquility. Let our experienced yoga teacher guide you through your Yin or Vinyasa practice, or simply a meditation. For an even more private yoga practice, our Old Hay Barn is at your disposal during your stay, too.

For beginners and all interested people we offer Yin Yoga (all levels). A meditative yoga practice that works deeply on the body and soul when you get involved. The positions are held for longer periods. For the more advanced, we ask Vinyasa Yoga. It is a postural sequence that synchronizes breathing and movement. The yoga exercises are fluent in each other.


Massages reduce stress hormones, cause the release of endorphins and contribute greatly to general well-being. Tensions dissolve and energy can flow freely through your body again. Of course, the fingertip feeling for body and soul is particularly important here – see for yourself the massage skills of our professional team!

As a medical masseur with his expertise in the field of osteopathy, Daniel Gottner is at your disposal every Wednesday from 3 p. m. to 8 p. m. or individually by appointment. With her many years of experience, Isolde Pinter is at your disposal every Tuesday from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. and Thursday from 3 p. m.

Treat yourself to a soothing treatment from the classic to the relaxation to the therapeutic massage and enjoy a regenerative wellness break in the Zillertal.

Our Massage program


After your relaxing holiday in Austria, we want to send you home to everyday life well-rested. Experience a high level of service and satisfaction at The Kaltenbach. You're certain to find just the right offer or package for you and your needs. How about a massage or a yoga lesson? Book your treatments when you book your stay, or simply at the reception desk while you're here.


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Choose your favorite voucher from the varied massage offer and give it a treat before the holiday experience in the mountains begins. You can also give away hotel vouchers or attractive packages for a holiday in the Kaltenbach with a message and your own design. Look in here...

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Healthy breakfast

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast together is one of the loveliest things while you are on holiday. The regional breakfast buffet in the hotel 'Das Kaltenbach' provides a really delicious start to your day.

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Sports and relaxation during your holidays in the alps

In Kaltenbach, Zillertal, there are many highlights throughout the year: the unique mountain scenery turns into a hiking paradise in summer. In winter you can choose one of the numerous pistes. Nature offers countless opportunities for active holidays in Tyrol!