Dame steht in einer Yoga Pose auf einem Holzsteg in einer grünen Wiese

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Relaxation for body and soul

Time for a relax massage. After an active day in the Tyrolean nature, there is nothing better for your well-being than a relaxing or sports massage in our Spa. For those who want to go on an expedition, we offer yoga in the middle of our natural garden.


Massages reduce stress hormones, cause the release of endorphins and contribute to the general well-being. Tensions dissolve and energy can flow freely through your body again. Here, the instinct for body and soul is of course particularly important - convince yourself of the massage arts of our professional team!

Daniel Gottner is available to you with his many years of experience as a medical masseur on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 8 pm, or individually by appointment in our wellness area.

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For beginners and all interested people we offer Yin Yoga (all levels). A meditative yoga practice that works deeply on the body and soul when you get involved. The positions are held for longer periods. For the more advanced, we ask Vinyasa Yoga. It is a postural sequence that synchronizes breathing and movement. The yoga exercises are fluent in each other.

We offer weekly lessons with experienced yoga trainers from Sangha Zillertal in the nature garden


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It's a great idea to give your loved one a personalized voucher. The voucher can be created online and then paid immediately.

Choose your favorite voucher from the varied massage offer and give it a treat before the holiday experience in the mountains begins. You can also give away hotel vouchers or attractive packages for a holiday in the Kaltenbach with a message and your own design. Look in here...

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Healthy breakfast

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast together is one of the loveliest things while you are on holiday. The regional breakfast buffet in the hotel 'Das Kaltenbach' provides a really delicious start to your day.

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Sports and relaxation during your holidays in the alps

In Kaltenbach, Zillertal, there are many highlights throughout the year: the unique mountain scenery turns into a hiking paradise in summer. In winter you can choose one of the numerous pistes. Nature offers countless opportunities for active holidays in Tyrol!