Ein Flugzeug der Austrian vor einer winterlichen Bergkulisse

Your arrival by plane

Easy and hassle-free

The airports of Innsbruck (50 km), Munich (170 km) and Salzburg (150 km) are in the immediate vicinity of the Zillertal and connected by daily scheduled flights directly to destinations throughout Europe. With the arrival of the flight, the holiday begins at home, congestion at the intersections are no longer relevant, time buffers need not be included. From the destination airports Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich, the reliable airport shuttle service Four Seasons brings guests safely and comfortably to the Zillertal.

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Healthy breakfast

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast together is one of the loveliest things while you are on holiday. The regional breakfast buffet in the hotel 'Das Kaltenbach' provides a really delicious start to your day.

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Sports and relaxation during your holidays in the alps

In Kaltenbach, Zillertal, there are many highlights throughout the year: the unique mountain scenery turns into a hiking paradise in summer. In winter you can choose one of the numerous pistes. Nature offers countless opportunities for active holidays in Tyrol!