Enjoy wonderful cultural destinations

Cultural highlights
Enjoy wonderful cultural destinations

Find out about Tyrol's culture while you are on holiday! The area has a variety of interesting excursion destinations which are worth a visit. The best destinations can be found here.

Show dairy with museum

  • Cuisine has always been culturally important in the Zillertal valley.
  • Pay a visit to the cheese making museum and sample the various speciality cheeses from the Zillertal valley. 
  • Pasture milk from our farm, the „Kornerhof“, is used here!
  • From hearty and zesty, to traditional and ribald, to fine and mild – every cheese lover's heart will race here, where there is something to suit every palate.
  • The show cheese-making dairy is in Fügen, around 6 km from the hotel.

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Stiegenhaushof show distillery

  • Here the vivid methods of the "myth of distilling" is explained.
  • Schnapps and liqueur lovers will be delighted by the fine distillates like the "Bergheubrand" or "Echt Holz“.
  • The show distillery is in Schwendau, around 5 km from Kaltenbach.

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Kisslinger glassblowing works

  • The techniques of making glass are impressively demonstrated by glasblowers.
  • Rattenberg, the smallest town in Austria, is inspiring in particular thanks to the historic ambience in the pedestrianized area.
  • Rattenberg is around 20 km from Kaltenbach.

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

  • Another excursion destination in Tyrol - visit the Crystal Worlds designed by multimedia artist André Heller.
  • Be enchanted by the water-spewing giants and the glistening stones in a dreamy subterranean landscape. 
  • Wattens is around 40 km from Kaltenbach.

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Tyrol panorma

  • In Innsbruck, you get to gaze in wonder at the cultural variety on offer in Tyrol. Excursion destinations like the Goldenes Dachl in the Old Town or the museum of popular art, Zeughaus, the court chapel, the Kaiserjägermuseum and the Ferdinandeum.
  • TYROL PANORAMA with the Kaiserjägermuseum carefully examines the "Myth of Tyrol" in all its contrariness and fascination.
  • Innsbruck is the state capital of Tyrol. A large shopping town, it provides plenty of shopping parks and is around 50 km from Kaltenbach.

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