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Culinary in the Hotel Kaltenbach in Zillertal

Dining and trinking keeps body and soul together.

But it's not about the mere quantity, but about the quality of food. Good basic food are the basis of any high quality food. Here in Zillertal there are still there, the small fine farms that produce quality products in laborious manual work. These products are the basis of many delicious Zillertal specialties, now also known and popular throughout Tirol. A selection of such products, you get in our farm shop in the Hotel Kaltenbach, where we also offer specialties from our own farm.

A good day starts with a better breakfast.

And what is good for us, our grandmothers always knew. That's why it gives every morning Grandmas breakfast buffet for a successful start into the new day. Take time for a hearty breakfast with the whole family. How often you get the chance for that? Organic products and products from the area can be found naturally also on our breakfast buffet. This ensures that you have determined enough energy for an active day in your vacation with us in Zillertal.

Our partner restaurant offers you  every evening a high quality menue and a hughe variety. We are happy to recommend a special restaurant to you, if you want to spend a special evening. And if you have no desire to leave the house, you can sit in our cozy lobby Just. Treat yourself with a glass of wine and enjoy many delicacies from the Zillertal.

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