Die hölzerne Fassade des Hotel Kaltenbach im Winter vor beeindruckendem Bergpanorama


What measures & rules do I have to consider during my vacation?

We ask you to observe the following measures so that all guests can spend a relaxing holiday in our house:

  • Keep at least 1 meter away from other guests, except your fellow travelers from the same accommodation unit
  • It is necessary to wear the face mask in the whole hotel
  • Avoid possible "traffic jam situations" at check-in or check-out and wait at the right distance from other guests
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugs altogether
  • Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds, avoid touching the face
  • Use disinfection options in the hotel complex
  • Sneezing and coughing in the crook of your arm or in a handkerchief
  • Do not travel if there are signs of illness
  • Follow the instructions of our staff and if there are any signs during your stay, please contact your hosts immediately!
  • It is necessary to wear the face mask in all closed rooms (public transport, cable cars, pharmacies, doctors and supermarkets and banks. (As of September 21, 2020)

What will we consider for your booked room, apartment & suite?

For your carefree vacation in our small mountain village, even during Corona times, we have developed a hygiene concept for you. Hygiene is always a top priority in our company. Our housekeeping team are well trained and assure you a carefree stay:


  • All employees wear facial visors or masks when cleaning their double rooms or apartments & suites
  • We use HYLA - the air and room cleaning system binds dirt and dust through water. Fresh indoor air supports your health and contributes to your well-being.
  • Departure rooms are completely disinfected; upon availability, departure rooms are kept free for one night
  • You won't find superfluous decorative pillows or bedspreads in your double room or apartment
  • We do not offer salt and pepper shakers in the apartments.
  • We will be happy to fill the minibar in your double room at your request.
  • A well-thought-out cleaning plan of the rooms, adjusted to the highest hygiene security, ensures you a carefree stay
  • All information for the hotel complex is on the SuitePad in your room - we do not use guest folders
  • We dispense with the circulation of newspapers in the hotel complex - use the free service of the numerous international newspapers and magazines on your SuitePad

What can you expect from our Vital breakfast buffet?

  • Our buffet is available to you with the usual high quality products from our region. The following measures are implemented so that you can continue to enjoy the large selection of our buffet:
  • Your table for the entire stay is already reserved for the vital breakfast (if this has been booked) and we will show it to you at check-in. We would be happy to reserve a table for you on our sun terrace!
  • We provide contactless hand disinfection at the entrance to the breakfast room & farmhouse parlor
  • Many products (e.g. various muesli, fresh fruit, etc.) are offered in high-quality closed dispensers to take to the table
  • Breakfast chef at the show kitchen who freshly prepares your favorite egg dishes
  • According to the current status, it is necessary for guests to wear a mouth-nose protective mask when entering and leaving the restaurant
  • All employees in the restaurant wear plexiglass face visors or face masks to protect others and themselves
  • Disinfect the tables and chairs after each use
  • The Vital breakfast buffet is only possible for guests of our hotel complex and we do not use day guests here


Can we use the pool at all? Is the infinity pool open at all?

  • Nothing stands in the way of having fun in our swimming pool! There are no limits to fun and relaxation - the restrictions are easy to implement. For all water rates and lovers of the infinity pool, we have significantly extended the opening hours until 10 p.m. as a late night spa:
  • Access restrictions of 6 m² water surface per person - thus a maximum of 10 people in the water (applies to indoor and outdoor areas)
  • Access restriction of 10 m² per person for the lying area / relaxation areas indoors - thus a maximum of 10 people inside the lying area of ​​the swimming pool
  • According to the Bath Hygiene Act, the basic rules must be observed: keep your distance, wear mouth and nose protection (except in damp rooms, such as showers and swimming pools, and not outdoors), wash your hands, sneeze in a handkerchief.
  • Maintaining the minimum distance of one meter is of course also recommended, especially at the pool edges, in non-swimmer pools or when chatting in the water.
  • Out of respect for other guests, please keep a minimum distance of 2 meters in the pools
  • Loungers in the swimming pool, relaxation room and garden area are already placed with the necessary minimum distance, please respect and keep this distance
  • Guaranteed clean! Daily monitoring of water values ​​and swimming pool technology by our in-house technicians
  • Chlorine water kills all viruses. Swimming in our pools is therefore harmless and a real pleasure
  • We will dispense with the circulation of newspapers and magazines in the relaxation rooms
  • Loungers in the swimming pool, relaxation room and garden area are already placed with the necessary minimum distance, please respect and keep this distance
  • When using public showers in the SPA area, our guests are responsible for leaving these facilities

How does the sauna facility work?

  • You can also sweat in our sauna. We will open the sauna area as a late night spa from 2:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and everyone can relax:
  • Use of the sauna area is only possible after registering at the reception
  • Access restriction of 10 m² per person for the sauna area - therefore we will coordinate the use at the hotel reception after registration (reservations on the respective day)
  • We have extended the opening hours as late night spa until 10 p.m., but due to the limited access options, fairness towards other guests applies here
  • When using public showers in the SPA area, our guests are responsible for leaving these facilities
  • Different types of tea for your well-being Tea buffet - the glasses for your tea are available on site - place used tea glasses in the storage space provided
  • In addition to fresh fruit, you get dried fruit in a small package

Can my kid's in the children's play room, youth room? Can the children play on the forest playground?

  • All play areas for the kids with children's play room, youth room and the outdoor areas with forest playground, go-cart and table tennis are of course open:
  • All of our cool areas for the kids (except the youth lounge) are of course open and accessible all day.
  • We offer all parents a high level of personal responsibility and ensure that the rules - especially distance rules - are observed
  • The youth lounge can only be used after registering at the reception and with a max. 4 people limited - except people in the same household

Can I actually book massages? Is the fitness room open and is the great yoga program actually taking place?

  • All of our individual treatments from our SPA offer can be booked as usual
  • Our masseur & physiotherapist Daniel is trained to comply with our hygiene standards as much as possible
  • Yoga classes take place on schedule (Wednesday at 8 a.m. and Friday at 4.30 p.m.) and our trainers are trained to comply with our hygiene standards as much as possible - to participate, we ask that you register at the hotel reception
  • NEW! Megacool yoga platform on the old hay barn by the 3 oak trees with a magnificent view of the Zillertal
  • Our fitness room is open all day and is freely accessible and appeals to personal responsibility when using all fitness equipment
  • Before and after each use, please make sure that the equipment used is left disinfected. Disinfection options are offered on site.



Our measures in the hotel for your security?

  • Our reception is equipped with a glass pane and to guarantee the highest possible security standard
  • Increased cleaning intervals in all public areas (reception, lobby, elevators, etc.) for your safe stay
  • We use HYLA - the air and room cleaning system binds dirt and dust through water. Fresh indoor air supports your health and contributes to your well-being.
  • You can decide whether you want to keep the pen after checking in at check-in
  • We hand over the magnetic card for your booked room at check-in and accompany you to your booked room and give you all the information so you can enjoy a perfect summer vacation
  • Employees trained in detail and up to date on additional hygiene measures, distance regulations and provisions
  • Contactless disinfection dispensers in all important areas of the hotel complex
  • Sufficient distance from other guests due to the spaciousness of our hotel complex, both inside and outside
  • The physical condition of all employees is checked and recorded every day at the start of the shift
  • All employees wear a face mask or plexiglass face shield to protect themselves and others

All measures worked perfectly in the mountain summer 2020 and also ensured even more privacy for our guests - we would like to thank all guests and friends of the Tyrolean mountains for observing and implementing them!



What should you watch out for when skiing, taking the cable car and on the slopes?

  • According to the regulation of the Austrian Federal Government, cable cars are by regulated public transport
  • A safety distance of 1 meter must always be maintained; this distance can be undercut in the event of a heavy crowd, Mouth and nose protection (MNS) must be worn wherever the 1 meter distance cannot be maintained.
  • Mouth and nose protection (MNS) must be worn in cable car cabins, on lift chairs and surface lifts.
  • Important! A tube scarf or similar can also be used as mouth and nose protection.
  • The Zillertal cable cars have developed a comprehensive safety concept and are committed to implementing a COVID-19 code of conduct




Which rules of conduct will ski schools observe for the ski course?

  • The regulations of the Ordinance of Measures apply, i.e. a minimum distance of 1 meter from people and wearing a mouth and nose protection (MNS) in the customer area of the ski school
  • In addition, the Austrian Ski School Association (ÖSSV) has created instructions for use for ski schools, with the following essentials:
    • Maximum group size of 10 people per group
    • Retention of the group composition
    • COVID-19 tests for ski instructors as part of the "Safe Hospitality" test program


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Healthy breakfast

Regional buffet breakfast

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast together is one of the loveliest things while you are on holiday. The regional breakfast buffet in the hotel 'Das Kaltenbach' provides a really delicious start to your day.

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Sports and relaxation during your holidays in the alps

In Kaltenbach, Zillertal, there are many highlights throughout the year: the unique mountain scenery turns into a hiking paradise in summer. In winter you can choose one of the numerous pistes. Nature offers countless opportunities for active holidays in Tyrol!

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A homely place to stay while you are on holiday

Our stylish double rooms, apartments, suites and chalets are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Enjoy the holiday offers in the Zillertal valley!